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Title:North Bank Habitat Management Area
Area:Douglas County
Size:6580 Acres
Links:Roseburg BLM, Trip Journals - 11/06/06, 11/14/06, 11/16/06, 3/19/07, 5/7/07, 5/23/07, 10/13/07, 10/18/07, 3/25/08, 4/7/09
Notes:This large area of oak savannahs, north of Roseburg, has a vast network of primative roads that make good routes for hiking, biking and horseback riding. BLM purchased this large former ranch land in 1994 and manages the area, some 6,600 acres, as a preserve for Columbia White-tailed deer. Hunting does take place here, so consider hunting seasons when making plans to hike or bike here.
Route:From I-5, take Exit 135 to the town of Wilbur. Turn left on North Bank Road for 5 miles to the first BLM gate for a first option. Drive a quarter of a mile further on North Bank Road to a large parking area, West Entrance Parking, which has a connecting path back to the first gate. Several public access points are located along the way. The Main Access Gate is located at about the 12 mile point. Keep in mind that the Main Acces Gate is closed Tue - Thur.
USGS_75:Oak Creek Valley
Reference:100 Hundred Hikes in Southern Oregon by Sullivan

Hunting Zones

Main Entrance

Main Access Gate is closed Tue - Thur