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Title:Klickitat Trail
Area:Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Elevation:150-1540 Feet
Trail:Klickitat Rails to Trails
Misc:If you are planning on traveling straight through, be forewarned there is a break in the continuity just above the town of Klickitat where a bridge is washed out over the Klickitat River. Gas, supplies and lodging are available in Klickitat at the Klickitat Chevron Market Place.
Links:Lyle Community Website, The Lyle Hotel, Klickitat Trail Concervancy, Trip Journal - 3/22/03, 4/26/03, 4/27/03, 5/3/03, 5/10/03, 2/29/04, 3/6/04, 4/3/04, 11/26/04
Notes:Starting almost on the edge of the Columbia River, you can hike or bike this 31 mile trail on an old railroad bed as it ascends along the picturesque Klickitat River, turning up through Swale Canyon, and coming out on the Columbia Plateau. Along the way you will pass ancient Native American fish netting sites, the small town of Klickitat and the interesting Klickitat Mineral Springs area.
Route:From the Hood River Bridge over the Columbia take Washington State Highway 14 east to the town of Lyle. Just before entering Lyle you will cross the Klickitat River on a bridge, just to the left is a small parking area.You can also access the trail as a number of other places along its route; Fisher Hill Bridge, Pitt townsite, Klickitat, Wahkiacus town site, Harms Road, and Warwick town site.

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a kayaker on the lower Klickitat River

below the town of Klickitat

emerging out of Swale Canyon