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Title:Cooper Creek Reservoir
Area:Douglas County
Size:166 Acres
Depth:70 Feet
Elevation:668 Feet
Misc:Stocked with rainbow trout by ODFW during the spring months. Also contains black crappie, largemouth bass, and bluegill. There is a consumption advisory for fish due to mercury.
Links:Douglas County Parks
Trip Journal - 11/9/2007, 9/27/12, 10/1/2012
Notes:Cooper Creek Reservoir is where Douglas Country tries to provide for everyone, fishermen, water skiers, picnickers and swimmers. Spring is a good time to fish for stocked trout. As the water warms, water skiers make use of the water. Several grassy areas along the shoreline are great for picnics, and one small bay is set up for swimming.

Route:From Sutherlin travel east 1.5 miles on Central which becomes Nonpareil, turning right on South Side Road for 1 mile.
Reference:Fishing in Oregon by Sheehan / Atlas of Oregon Lakes

Cooper Creek Reservoir - - - August 7, 2006

fishing from the dam - - - March 17, 2007

Eddie Harrod's record catch - - - March 19, 2007