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Date:  January 5, 2015

Location  Bob Cat Trail Hike

Where:  Buckhorn Recreation Area - Black Butte Lake, California


After selecting our camping site in the Buckhorn Campground, it was necessary for us to walk the road one mile back to the entrance gate to pay our fee, which with our half price discount with the Senior Pass was only $10. On the return trip we elected to get off the road and take a trail back, which turned out to be the Bob Cat Trail. It's been a few years since we have been here, and during the time a new network of trails and signage have been developed. It is so encouraging to revisit a location and find new improvements when the norm for a lot of parks is to see curtailment of services and decaying facilities. Recent rains here in Northern California have led to the greening of the grass, enhancing the beauty of these rolling oak savannahs. We enjoyed seeing a great numbers of birds, primarily Acorn and Lewis's Woodpeckers and Western Meadowlarks. But we also observed a Jack Rabbits, several Black-tail Deer, and a Coyote.