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Date:  October 5, 2014

Location  Pamelia Lake Hike

Where:  Mt Jefferson Wilderness


Pamelia Lake with Mt Jefferson in the background

Friends Kerry & Debbie Kliever invited us to go hiking with them on Sunday into Pamilea Lake. It had been years since any of us had been in there and it sounded like a good idea. In many ways the wilderness is still the wilderness, but in other way there have been many changes. Now multiple permits are necessary. To begin with, to use the Pamelia Lake Trail you need a Limited Entry Area Permit. Last year these could be picked up at the Ranger Station for free, but now the Detroit Ranger Station is only open Mon. thru Fri., which in the end didn't matter because Limited Entry Area Permits can only be obtained through the National Recreation Reservation System at a cost of six dollars. But wait, you still also need a permit to park at the trailhead! And then there is the possibility of having a permit to take photos. OMG, is it no wonder it gets more attractive to just sit in the recliner! However, the real beauty of the wilderness is still there, and we enjoyed the hike through the deep forest along Pamelia Creek and the open scenery at the lake with the fall colors.

The trail has now been restored since the destruction caused by Milk Creek a number of years ago, and now a nice trail wanders through the rocky debris and a bridge has been built over Milk Creek.

The fall colors are starting to show, with vine maple brightening the shoreline.