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Date:  March 7, 2014

Location  Talking Water Gardens

Where:  Albany, Oregon


 We have repeatedly been hearing about good birding opportunities at Talking Water Gardens in Albany. It's a unique place in that it is a water reclamation system built to serve the double purpose of a wetland with recreation trails. Instead of having settling ponds fenced off from the public, it has been designed for the public to enjoy, with wetlands, ponds, waterfalls, streams and walking trails. We picked a sunny day to explore Talking Waters and learned a lot. The first was, it's a little hard to find the first time, so if you plan on going, spend a little time with a map or GPS and plan your route. Second it's large, almost 40 acres, so again having a map, which you can download off of the Internet, would be a very handy thing to have as you make your way through the maze of trails, ponds, and bridges. And third, plan to spend several hours there. Give yourself time to enjoy the collection of wildlife and native plants, the waterfalls, streams and ponds.

Jeanette scans West Beaver Marsh for birds

American Coot

Northern Flicker

Song Sparrow
Jeanette at Northern Influent Point