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Date:  May 15, 2011

Location  Badlands Birding

Where:  Oregon Badlands Wilderness


 Our friend Dan Lawry took us to the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, which is just East of Bend, to check out two ponds for birding. The first pond was Reynolds Pond where we were able to identify a dozen different species. I would rate it as a fair place to bird. It was pretty cold and I think on a warm day we could do better.

Jeanette & Dan at Reynolds Pond

The second pond was Mayfield Pond, and here we hit the jack-pot; more Yellow-headed Blackbirds than I have ever seen in my life. We estimated that we saw 100 male and females squawking away in the cattails that surround the pond. Numerous swallows were swooping over the pond catching insects. We also saw the largest concentration of Osprey I have ever seen. At first glance we thought they must be Vultures or Eagles as they sat perched on an old snag. We counted five in all. I also got to photograph and identify three Lark Sparrows feeding on the ground. This was a new sparrow for me and a new addition to my Life List.

Osprey at Mayfield Pond

Yellow-headed Blackbird at Mayfield Pond