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Date:  February 2, 2010

Location  Ahamacave Trail Hike

Where:  Ahakhav Tribal Preserve, Arizona


 We came across the Ahakhav Tribal Preserve and the Ahamacave Trail by accident last month while looking for the Achii Hanyo Native Fish Facility. If all these names look strange like, Ahakhav, Achii Hanyo, and Ahamacave, there is a reason. This area all belongs to the Colorado River Indian Tribes, locally known as CRIT. The CRIT, as I understand it, is made up of the Mohave, Chemahuevi, Navaho, and Hopi native peoples.

Never having heard anything about this trail, we didn't really know what to expect. With our first bird sighting of a Thrasher, we immediately pick-up on the idea that this might be a fun birding day. And, that is just what happened. We ended up identifying 22 species of birds. I was able to get good photos of a female Phainopepla and a juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron to add to Cascade Ramblings.

This is a Mohave house, built to show how the Mohave people lived in the summer. It is made with a framing of Cottonwood trees and covered with a layer of Arrowweed.

This trail, and in fact this preserve seems to be little known, and under used. My guess is that it is primarily under the radar. Not being a state or federal park, it is out of the larger systems and goes un-noticed. We found it a wonderful resource and will no doubt return again.