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Date:  September 25, 2009

Location  West Metolius River Trail Hike

Where:  Deschutes National Forest


Fish On!

Today Jeanette and I chose to hike the West Metolius River Trail from the Wizard Falls Hatchery upstream towards Canyon Creek. The fall colors were starting to show with the Vine Mapble turning red, and Buster was enjoying chasing a squirrel or two. We happened upon a couple of fishermen and we stopped to talk about fishing. They were fishing for Bull Trout using large weighted streamer patterns. While we talked to one, the other would pass by, and then when we stopped to watch him the other would pass by. We did this leap frog pattern a couple of times and then paused to watch as they spotted a fish, cast to it, hooked it, and landed it. There have been lots of times that I have observed fishermen fishing for this magnificent fish, but this is the first time I have actually seen one caught.

a quick photo before release