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Date:  February 24, 2008

Location  Bear Saddle Hike

Where:  Santa Catalina Mountain


 For this hike we moved further up the Catalina Highway to try a new trail, the Green Mountain Trail. From the map it looked like we could begin hiking at the Middle Bear Creek Canyon Picnic Area. We parked there, and after a false start on the Bug Spring Trail, found the trail we were looking for, which was totally without any signage.

The trail descended to the stream at General Hitchcock Campground, and we found our first trail sign. At this point the trail travels up Bear Canyon along what is now a lovely stream with the snowmelt, but probably dry the rest of the year. And there were trees! That was really the story of the day----trees. I didn't realize I had missed them so much--- real trees, oak, pine, and fir.

We hiked as far as Bear Saddle, where the junction to Guthrie Mountain takes off. There was snow on the north side of the saddle, clouds had come in and a cool breeze brought the temperature down, so it seems like a good turn around point.

Statistics for the day:

Distance: 5.9 miles
Accumalative climb: 1645 feet
Time: 4:30 hours