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Date:  October 23, 2007

Location  Wolf Creek Falls Hike

Where:  Roseburg District, BLM


 An article in the Sunday Roseburg News-Review jogged my memory on a trail I had wanted to hike, the Wolf Creek Falls Trail. It didn't take long once I mentioned it to have a vanload of enthusiastic hikers.

Gregory, Trudy, Jane, Linda, Greg, Jeanette, Buster

Fall colors and recent rains combined to make for a hike with fantastic beauty. Along with enjoying this spectacular set of falls, we also found, identified, and picked some Angel Wing mushrooms.

Upper Wolf Creek Falls

This was a short hike and we still had energy to add another section of trail up the Little River to the Wolf Creek Campground. This second trail is less known, less maintained and less used, but we found it very interesting, spotting an American Dipper and finding and picking some Chanterelle mushrooms.

bridge to campgound

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Upper Falls