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Date:  October 18, 2005

Location  Willamette Mission Park Hike

Where:  Willamette Mission State Park


 Still plagued with problems of getting good satellite signals in the forested canyons of the Cascades with my Blackberry GPS, I sought the wide-open spaces of the 1,680 acres of the Willamette Mission State Park to try and get a decent Track. I was rewarded by much more than that.

Wildlife Veiwing Trailhead

The golden colors of fall, combined with the fresh air sent me happily down the trail. Canada Geese in large numbers were flying in and out of the fields. Eastern Fox Squirrels were busy collecting nuts for winter. A Great Blue Heron stood stoically in wait along the placid waters of the Willamette.

Jim watching a Great Blue Heron

I made sort of a figure eight loop, combining hiking & biking trails that took me down the Willamette River as far as the Wheatland Ferry and then back along Mission Lake past the Willamette Mission site, back past the worlds largest cottonwood tree to the parking lot.

Jim looking at the mission "ghost structures"

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