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Date:  October 11, 2003

Location  Bear Point Trail Work

Where:  Mt Jefferson Wilderness


 Six brave (or crazy) Chemeketans braved the monsoon weather of Saturday to do trail maintenance on the trail to Bear Point. It was a day to completely incase oneself in Gortex and say 'what the heck'. We warmed up soon hiking the first section of the South Brietenbush Trail, stopping to look at a deteriorating shed.

Dave Cater, Trail Maintenance Chairman with the crew at the seedling shed

This shed once served as a building to store seedlings that were used in replanting the area after a forest fire. Seedlings would be packed in mass by mules and then stored in the shed while the planters took the weeks or whatever time it took to plant the seedlings.

Chemeketan Bill Voelker clearing trail

Our task was to clear the trail of downed logs and over growing brush.