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Date:  August 25, 2003

Location  West Eagle Loop Backpack - Day 6

Where:  Tombstone Lake



This was our layover day, meaning we wouldn't move camp, everyone gets to take a day off to do what ever they need or want to do. Jeanette stayed put in camp to let her blisters heal and spent time bathing, washing clothes, ect. John elected to go hiking and explore the area. I choose to hike down to Diamond Lake and try it for fishing.

Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake turned out to be easy to find, enough people have been there over the years that a path was easy to follow down to the lake. I saw only one campsite, and it sat quite a ways from the lake. Not a sign of fish at first, but then some rises next to the shore gave me encouragement. I hooked three fish in the short time I was there, one of which I managed to land and release. All were bright colored, feisty brookies. Hiked back to camp for lunch.

John's Lake

Back at camp everyone reported on their morning. John had found a lake that we didn't even know about, another small nameless one, lying above and beyond Tombstone Lake, and he was able to see lots of fish. That does it for me and I was off to see it myself. We decided to call it John's Lake. It's a beautiful color of blue, no trees around its edge, so easy for a backcast, and chuck full of fish. I think most people staying at Tombstone never get over there to fish it. The fish were small because of over crowding and so I figure we could eat about 10 of them for dinner. I released the rest of the ones I caught, finally stopping to clean what I had kept and then found my way back to camp.

a brook trout in Diamond Lake
Mountain Bog Gentian
meadow flowers