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Date:  June 6, 2003

Location  Wenaha River Backpack - Day 2

Where:  Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness


 Day Two was a lay-over-day at our Rock Creek campsite with an optional hike up the Grizzly Bear Ridge Trail. It was a leisure morning of many rounds of coffee, then a vigorous hike for some, and then an after noon of reading for most.

Joanne reading

Jeanette reading

Bob "stomach reading"

I hiked part of the Grizzly Bear Trail in the moring and was able to get good photos of Queen's Cup, Elegant Cat's Ear, Mountain Lady Slipper, Ninebark, and Yellow Penstemon, as well as fair photos of Elkhorn Clarkia, Oregon Sunshine, Thimble Berry, and Wind Flower. In the afternoon I managed to catch some trout for dinner.

Bob and the Wenaha canyon
Bob, Joanne, & Allan
trout for dinner