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Date:  February 20, 2002

Location  Bathtub Trail Hike

Where:  Catherine Creek


 Last week I stumbled on a trail that follows along the east slope of Catherine Creek. It's fairly easy to follow, resembling more of a game trail, as it winds its way through oak groves.

Having made a vow last week that I would return every week, I brought three friends to hike with me this week. We were not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the warm sunny weather as we made our way up, what I have now dubbed the Bathtub Trail. The bathtub, in an oak grove by a spring, is a reminder that civilization in some form was here before.

Could this be the Catherine of Catherine Creek?

We climbed on out to the open hillside and enjoyed our lunches looking across the Columbia Gorge to Mt Hood shining in the distance. After lunch we made our way down the grassy slopes through areas carpeted with Grass Widows, Smooth Prairie Stars and Gold Stars.

Gold Stars

One of the special treats of Catherine Creek is a huge rock arch that is quite deceptive. Viewed from below is looks impassable, but by hiking around to the backside a narrow passage way can be found for the exploring type.

Dave Carter finds his way down through the passage way.

Grass Widow (purple)
Grass Widow (white)
Prairie Stars