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Date:  February 10, 2002

Location  Almost Square Lake Snowshoe

Where:  Santiam Pass


 'Almost Square' lake is not a comment on the shape of Square Lake, but an indicator that we didn't get to our intended goal. There is after all, eleven feet of snow on the Santiam Pass right now, and the top two feet is rather soft yet. My snowshoe companions for the day were my wife Jeanette, and my working partner from Capitol Toyota, Justin Gates.

Leaving the Sno Park at Santiam Pass was easy at first as we followed in a path packed down from yesterday's snowshoers. But as we turned north on the Pacific Crest Trail and then east toward Square Lake we had to break our own trail. It was much more difficult sinking in each step almost up to our knees. Justin broke a good section of trail for us but by 11:30 I realized our pace was too slow and we could not make it to the lake, so a lunch break and rest were declared. Although our destination was not achieved we all thought the fresh air, rigorous exercise, and glorious sunshine made the trip well worth it.

Justin and Jeanette enjoying a lunch break in the sun

checking to see if where I think I am -----is where the GPS thinks I am.

returning back on our tracks was much easier