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Date:  July 20, 2011

Location  Birding on the Bluebill Trail

Where:  Bluebill Lake, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area


I had noticed the Bluebird Loop in the South Oregon Coast when studying a pamphlet on the Oregon Coast Birding Trail. This week we took a day trip there to see what kind of birds we could find. I had a good feeling when we got out of the car at the trailhead, because I had identified three different bird species from their songs before we had even gotten out our binoculars. The Bluebird Trail is a short trail of just over a mile that circles Bluebill Lake, and we found it to be very productive with a good variety of birds.

Here is our list for the day:
1. Turkey Vulture (1)
2. Steller's Jay (3)
3. American Robin (3)
4. Eurasian Collared-Dove (3)
5. Wrentit (4)
6. Song Sparrow (3)
7. Great Blue Heron (1)
8. Northern Flicker (2)
9. American Crow (4)
10. American Goldfinch (6)
11. Red-winged Blackbird (1)
12. Brown-headed Cowbird (13)
13. Purple Finch (3)
14. White-crowned Sparrow (1)
15. House Sparrow (3)
16. Rufous Hummingbird (1)
(the last six species were all seen at the campground host's site)