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Date:  September 17, 2009

Location  Tumalo Falls Hike

Where:  Deschutes National Forest


Mark at the Tumalo Falls Trailhead

After spending the night in Bend, Jeanette and I had took the morning off to get caught up-----shopping at Fred Meyer, reading and replying to e-mails, and paying bills on-line. My brother Mark called and said he 'was wondering if Buster wanted to go for a hike this afternoon?' I said 'sure', and soon Buster and I were piled into Marks car and off we went to have Mark show us some more of Bends fantastic hiking opportunities. Mark decided on Tumalo Falls and was shocked that I had never been there.

This is a very short hike, but also very popular and Mark said you can always count on the parking lot being full. We hiked to the viewpoint of the main falls, then up to the observation platform, and then on up the trail to the upper falls, before turning around. Buster thought he had a great time, and his Uncle Mark has moved up on his lists of favorites.

Mark at theTumalo Falls Viewpoint

Tumalo Falls