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Date:  June 22, 2009

Location  Billy Lake Stocking

Where:  Linn County


 My wife Jeanette and I are spending the months of May and June this year as volunteers at the Roaring River Fish Hatchery. Jeanette spends most of her working time feeding fish; I work on removing dead fish from the ponds, and then fill in with mowing the lawns and weeding. Occasionally I get to be involved in a project, in this case helping with the stocking. On this trip I helped Tyler LeBard with the stocking of 1,500 rainbow trout fingerlings in Billy Lake.

netting the fingerlings

emptying the fingerlings into the stocking tank

liberating the fingerlings into Billy Lake

Billy Lake is in the Snow Peak area on Weyerhaeuser timberland, so it was necessary for us to obtain a key from their office to be able to drive to the lake. We managed to negotiate the logging roads without incident with logging trucks, equipment truck & trailers and a grader, but in the process of turning around to leave the lake we managed to poke a hole in our right rear tire. I felt a little more angst than normal with a flat tire out in the boonies, but Tyler in his unflappable nature changed the tire without a problem.