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Date:  February 3-5, 2009

Location  Sunset Trail Birding

Where:  Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona


We found that we could not simply hike the Sunset Trail at the Lake Havasu State Park; it is such a great trail for birding that we soon gave up the idea of hiking, and just concentrated on birding. In the campground where we are staying we constantly see Great-tailed Grackle, Gamble's Quail, Red-winged Blackbird, and Morning Dove. On the trail, the scrub land of Mesquite, Paloverde, and Arrow Weed provide great habitat for Albert's Towhee, Anna's Hummingbird, White-crowned Sparrow, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, and Verdin. From the lakeshore we saw American Coot, Ring-Necked Duck, Pied-Bill Grebe, and Common Golden-Eye. At the Arroyo El Camino Cactus Garden, located mid-way along the trail, we were torn between looking at cactus or birds.