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Date:  August 4, 2008

Location  Berley Lakes Backpack - Day 1

Where:  Mt Jefferson Wilderness


 This trip was designed as a 'shake-down' for our upcoming backpack later this month to the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon. We have involved our step-grandson Evan in our backpacking this summer to help satisfy his thirst for some adventure.

We picked up Evan in Eugene and drove up the McKenzie River to the Santiam Pass and the Pacific Crest Trail parking lot. The dominating feature of this area is now the burned forest of the B & B Complex Fire of 2003, which burned over 90,000 acres.

Pacific Crest Trailhead

Starting at the Santiam Pass we took the Pacific Crest Trail north and then turned off onto the Santiam Trail. With the help of the GPS we caught the unsigned path to Lower Berley Lake.

snow drifts accross the Santiam Trail

We ended up selecting a campsite on the north shore of Lower Berley Lake, and Evan took a rewarding swim in the lake.

----- the days reward !

After setting up camp, Evan and I took off to explore and find Upper Berley Lake, and Buster, never to be left out tagged along. We selected the wrong drainage, and ended up with some bush whacking before finding the lake.

Back at camp, Evan went for a swim and I did a little fishing. After dinner Evan went exploring on the other side of the lake, I wrote in my journal, and Jeanette worked on Sudoku puzzles. As the evening turned to dusk, Evan went for another swim and I had the misfortune of my fly rode breaking in mid-cast. We retreated early to the tents to escape the maddening attacks of the ever present mosquitoes.