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Date:  January 26, 2007

Location  Trail of Ten Falls Hike

Where:  Silver Falls State Park


 The need to pick-up my son-in-law at the Portland Airport left me with a day to spare in Salem, so I took advantage of the opportunity to hike at Silver Falls State Park. I was able to take along friends Ron Noble and John Stolting. Our hike began at the North Falls parking lot, where we found the bridge covered with a layer of frosty ice.

We did not go far until we encountered the closed section of the trail down to the North Falls. This was not actually a surprise, because luckily for us, John has scouted out the trail the day before, and we knew we would be detouring on the Rim Trail to Winter Falls before descending into the canyon.

Because of the cold temperatures we did encounter a fair amount of ice on the trail surface, and frozen blocks of ice that had fallen off of the cliffs above the trail.

A pleasant surprise of the day was to hear my name called out in praise by a man leading a large active group of cub scouts. It was Chuck Lamping of the Portland area who has contributed photos and information to Cascade Ramblings.

North Falls from the Rim Trail
South Falls
Chuck Lamping with scouts