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Date:  April 26, 2006

Location  Tracy Hill Loop Hike

Where:  Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area


 We are finding that we really like this mobile setup for Cascade Ramblings. We can set up the TREK motor home comfortably in a park, and then take the Scion Xa, the tow car, to the trailhead. Today it was to Catherine Creek to try and get in a GPS track for the BACKPACKER Magazine Map Project.

campsite at Memaloose State Park

We were pleased to discover that a new foot bridge has been installed over Catherine Creek, easing this crossing.

Jeanette & Buster crossing Catherine Creek

We followed a route I have been working on that is basically a counter-clock-wise loop of Tracy Hill. This is my third attempt to get a good GPS track on this route, and I was finally successfull. Backpacker GPS Hike

Jim entering a GPS waypoint

It was interesting to note the change in flowers since the last trip---gone are the Grass Widows, and in their place we found Death Camas, Common Camas, Buttercups, Hound's Tongue, and Bitterroot.

Death Camas
Great Hound's Tongue