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Date:  May 13, 2004

Location  Upper Metolius Backpack - Day 3

Where:  Deschutes National Forest


Becky, Jeanette, and Dan around the morning campfire

Day three is our 'turn around day' when we begin our hike back up the river. After much discussion we decide to hike up the river as far as Lower Canyon Campground, this will put us in a better position for the next day to hike on to Camp Sherman from the west side, not knowing for sure if it will be roads or trails.

Dan contemplates the beauty of the river

We hike back on the road to Bridge 99 and then continue on the East Metolius Trail through Pioneer Ford Campground, around the private property, and to Allen Springs Campground where we take a lunch break.

Jim takes time out for fishing

Just beyond the campground, we stop to cast to some rising trout. Some of the very few that we have seen. Then it's on to the bridge at Wizard Falls Hatchery, and up the West Metolius Trail to the Lower Canyon Campground.

We found the campground empty, so we had our choice of all the sites, but soon discovered that hard use has worn the ground bare making dirt and dust something we had to be careful to avoid. Aparently we have been spoiled with the pristine 'non-campground' sites we have been camping in during this trip. After setting up camp I took some time to roam around and got some good photos of Bitterbrush, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Crown Cup, and Purple Dwarft Monkeyflower. Dan discovered, and photographed an American Dipper's nest in the rock wall of Canyon Creek.

a pair of Common Mergansers
American Dipper nest