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Date:  January 28, 2004

Location  Bend Ski Trip - - Day 2

Where:  Mt Bachelor Nordic Center to Todd Lake


 Day two started with a hearty breakfast at the West Side Café, a couple of extra 'round-abouts' for Bob, and a sandwich pick-up at the Appetite Delicatessen. Arriving at the Nordic Center at Mt Bachelor, we were greeted by fierce winds and snow. Fleeing into the Nordic Center and its warm fireplace, we regrouped, screwed up our courage and hit the trails. Despite the promise of better conditions in the trees, we continued with blowing snow and plowed our way to Todd Lake. Along the way it was payback time for 'Prankster' Pete Anderson, who got ambushed with snowballs.

Pete gets ambushed

Arriving at Todd Lake everyone assembled for a group photo, unaware that Roz had an 'initiation' in mind.

Roz makes her move

the result of Roz's move

arriving atTodd Lake
Bob Young
Karen Eggimann