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Date:  December 12, 1992

Location  Scar Mountain Road Ski

Where:  Willamette National Forest


our first trip to take John Stolting skiing

There is a lot more snow than last week, so we could ski lower, but it is raining, so we drive on up until the rain has turned to snow. The Scar Mountain Road has been plowed out and I have always wanted to explore this road so off we go. The snow is difficult as there is a weak crust and you never know if you are going to sink a few inches or a foot or more. We ski up to Parrish Lake Road #2266. It has been plowed but is smooth and fast to ski on. We head towards Daily Lake, but after a couple of logging trucks go by decide it's not a good idea and turn around. We stop for lunch at the junction with Scar Mountain Road. Ski back stopping to enjoy Camp Creek- - - truly would be a nice place to camp.

Jeanette shows off her new engagement ring received last weekend