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Date:  July 3, 1994

Location  Twin Lakes Backpack - Day 2

Where:  Bull of the Woods Wilderness


 As the fishing is not good, we decide on a long day hike to Bull of the Woods Lookout. On the way we detour and go to Lower Twin Lake. It is down about of a mile. A picnic table is still there. I see several fish surface and can even see small fry. There is also plant life in the lake. We climb back out and around to the junction of the Mother Lode Trail where we have our first lunch. Then it's up through the Mother Lode Basin and a second lunch stop just after the Pansy Lake Junction. We stay only a short time at the Lookout as I am worried about getting back before dark. The view is grand as always, can see clear to Rainer. Lack of water makes the hike back a real grind. Get back to camp at 6:15. 15 1/5 miles for the day.

Jeanette and Jim ready to head out for the day

Jon & Jeanette at the Bull of the Woods Lookout

Mt Jefferson from Bull of the Woods Lookout

John at Lower Twin Lake
Jeanette at Lower Twin Lake