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Date:  July 2, 1994

Location  Twin Lakes Backpack - Day 1

Where:  Bull of the Woods Wilderness


Jeanette at Upper Twin Lake

Jim - always studing maps

John in his campsite

John Stolting, Jeanette, and I leave Salem at 8:00 am, arriving at the Bagby Trailhead at 10:30, we are the third car. Stop for lunch at 12:30 just short of the junction for Twin Lakes Trail#573. At Upper Twin Lake we make camp at a nice site at the incoming stream. Two guys passed us on the way in with a float tube, but they do not have much luck fishing. Two other parties are camped here and throughout the afternoon people continue to come in. They continue into the evening'we think a total of eight groups. Not a sign of a fish all afternoon. But in the late evening see a few small rises. My total: one possible strike! The lake is warm, but also seems devoid of any insect life.