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Date:  October 17, 2000

Location  Black Butte Hike

Where:  Descutes National Forest


 John and I have picked Black Butte for just a morning hike as he will be driving back to Salem this afternoon. The trailhead parking lot on Black Butte is deserted, no port-a-poti, no cars, and no one in the lookout. The Bracken Fern has turned brown, all the plants dried up and even the bird sounds are gone. Hiking along we catch a flash in the path ahead and a short flight of two large birds. We conclude that we have probably seen a pair of wild turkeys. Later on our way down we spot their large prints in the dust of the trail. Great views on the top, some wind, so we don not tarry long.

Black Butte Ranch & the Sisters as seen from Black Butte

view from the Lookout Rangers porch

Black Butte Ranch and the Sisters from the porch

Statistics for the morning: 3.8 miles, 1570 ft accumulative climb, 2:39 hours