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Date:  May 24-25, 2003

Location  Metolius River Backpack

Where:  Metolius River, Deschutes National Forest


Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

We used Memorial Weekend this year for a 'shake-down' trip for the up coming backpack season. Friends that were scheduled to go with us were not able to go at the last minute, but Jeanette and our grandson Tylor and I took full advantage of the opportunity. We showed Tylor the start of the Metolius, right out of the ground, and were entertained by Golden-mantel Ground Squirrels. We then drove on down to Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery to start our backpack. After a quick visit with our friend Jim Harvey we took off down the West Metolius Trail # 4018 to Bridge 99. It was a beautiful day of tee shirts and shorts weather. Many Canada Geese where busy with their young goslings as were a family of Common Mergansers.

Tylor on the West Metolius Trail

We took a break and ate our lunch at Bridge 99 before hiking on down the East side of the River. Here for the next 3 miles camping sites are abundant. A locked gate keeps vehicles from venturing any farther than Bridge 99. After hiking a little too far beyond the good sites, we turned around and retraced our steps until we found a nice riverside campsite.

Jeanette & Tylor below Bridge 99

Some what bushed, we plopped down to relax, setup camp, and eat dinner. Here the outside world is drowned out by the rushing Metolius River, a river that emerged smoothly and silently some 13 miles back, but is now racing with the speed and noise of a freight train only to disappear in Lake Billy Chinook in another 13 miles.

Jeanette relaxing and reading
Tylor fixing his dinner
Tylor age 12 - - Fir Tree age 312