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Date:  May 18-19, 2002

Location  Tylor's 1st Backpack

Where:  French Pete Creek Trail


Tylor at French Pete Creek Trailhead

The motivation for this early-season backpack was to get grandson Tylor checked out for a trip coming up on the first of July, a one week backpack on the North Fork of the John Day River with a bunch of his cousins, aunts, and uncles. I choose this trail because of its low elevation which means early season access, and possibly also because its where I took Tylor's dad on his first backpack. (See May 1973 Trip Journal entry)

There is a lot to learn when you have to carry all the necessities of food, clothing and shelter on your back, but Tylor approached this as he does all of life with lots of interest and enthusiasm. He was impressed with the beauty of the old growth forest of French Pete Creek, and fascinated with the specialty foods of backpacking. He also showed flexibility, as our planned fording of French Pete Creek was deemed unwise due to higher water levels, causing us to double back to set up camp. His energy was of course endless, for example, Karaoke at 7:30 in the morning??

Our post-backpack celebration was brunch at Café Zenon in Eugene prepared by chef Michael. (Tylor's dad & Cascade Rambling's Web Master)

Tylor setting up camp

Tylor & Jeanette preparing freeze-dried Blue Berry Cheese Cake

Tylor tells his dog goodby
Tylor on the trail
Tylor at mile 2