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Date:  Summer 1946

Location  Marion Lake Hike

Where:  Willamette National Forest


A cabin at Marion Lake

Here is where it all started.
When I was six years old my parents took my sisters and me on my very first ever hike. It was to Marion Lake and I still have some vivid memories of that trip. We first came to Lake Ann and I was most impressed with the magical sound of water bubbling underneath the rocks out of sight at the outflow. Later in the day I remember witnessing the artistic dance of mayflies in the sunlight above the surface of Marion Lake; 'Blue Uprights' my dad called 'em. While my parents went fishing my sisters and I had time to explore and marvel at a lean-to built next to the shoreline, constructed out of limbs and fir bows. A large watch hung down from the roof on a leather thong, ticking ominously in the shelters afternoon emptiness.
I still hike today with a great sense of anticipation, lured on by curiosity, and awed by the discoveries I stumble upon.

Lunch break on the bridge at Lake Ann