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Common Name:Chanterelle
Genus / Species:Cantharellus cibarius

Santiam Wagon Road - Sevenmile Segment - - - November 7, 2003

Notes:This is one of the top eating mushrooms. From David Arora's book comes this helpful tip: 'A dry-saute is best. Clean and slice the mushrooms, then put them in a skillet on maximum heat with no butter or oil. Sprinkle them with salt (to help draw out the moisture). Stir constantly until they begin to give of liquid, then let them cook in their own juices. After the liquid has evaporated (you can pour off some of it for use as stock), continue to cook them for a couple minutes, stirring constantly again so they don't stick. Then turn down the heat, add a little olive oil or butter, and cook for another 5-10 minutes.' 'The dry-saute method is ideal for boletes, chanterelles, hedgehogs, and other mushrooms with a high water content.'
Reference:All That the Rain Promises, and More... by Arora