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Reference:Trip Journal Entry
Genus / Species:Amelanchier alnifolia
Notes:The Lewis & Clark Expedition collected this plant at The Dalles at their 'rockfort camp' on April 15, 1806. They referred to it as Sarvis berry. Canadians call it Saskatoon. It is usually shrub size, but can grow to tree size. The berries were a staple of the Northwest Native Americans. If picked and tasted at the right time they are very palatable.

Metolius River - - - May 17, 2001

Photo 2:

Black Butte - September 2, 2003

Genus / Species2:Trip Journal Entry
Guide:Plants and Animals of the Pacific Northwest by Kozloff / Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Pojar & MacKinnon / Plants of the Lewis & Clark Expedition by Phillips