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Common Name:Damselfly, Northern Bluet
Scientific Name:Enallagma annexum
Family:Coenagrionidae (Pond Damsels)
Area:Bluebill Lake - Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
Date:June 7, 2013

Damselflies belong to the same order (Odonata) as Dragonflies. When at rest, Damselflies hold their wings together parallel to their body, where Dragonflies hold their wings perpendicular to their body. Damselfly nymphs are one of my favorite insects to imitate when fly fishing lakes.

Waxmyrtle Trail - Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area - - - July 10, 2015 The male on the left grasps the female by the nape of the neck in preparation for copulation.

Reference:National Audubon Society Field Guide to California by Alden & Heath / Dragonflies and Damselflies of Oregon by Kerst & Gordon