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Common Name:Butterfly, Queen
Scientific Name:Danas gilippus
Family:Nymphalidae (Brushfoots) - sub Family Danaidae (Milkweed Butterflies)
Area:Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona
Date:January 11, 2013

Queen Butterflies are of the same genus (Danas) as the better known Monarch Butterflies, but a different species. Queens are a butterfly of the Southwest and Mexico with a smaller wingspan by around a half an inch and do not migrate as the Monarch is so well known for. It is shown here feeding on Fairy Duster.

Queen feeding on Leafless Milkweed - Lake Havasu State Park - November 13, 2012

Queen feeding on Willow Acacia - Buckskin Mountain State Park - - - November 18, 2012

Reference:Butterflies through Binoculars by Glassberg / National Audubon Society Field Guide to Insects & Spiders by Milne