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Common Name:Sandpiper, Least
Scientific Name:Clalidris minutilla
Family:Scolopacidae (Sandpipers)
Area:Ona Beach State Park, Oregon
Date:September 1, 2013

Least Sandpipers are very small birds of six inches or less. They are the smallest of the Sandpipers, and the only small sandpiper with yellow legs. Western Sandpipers are similar, but have black legs. They are common migrants in the Spring and Fall in inland Oregon, breeding in Alaska, and wintering along the Pacific Coast down through Mexico.

Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona - - - January 3, 2013

Alfred Tyson Park - Elkton, Oregon - - - August 21, 2011

Ona Beach State Park, Oregon - - - August 19, 2013

Reference:Birds of the Willamette Valley Region by Nehls, Aversa & Opperman / National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of Western North America by Dunn & Alder