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Common Name:Warbler, Orange-crowned
Scientific Name:Dendrocia petechia
Family:Parulidae (Warblers)
Area:Nehalem Spit, Oregon Coast
Date:April 6, 2016

Orange-crowned Warblers are busy little birds and hard to catch sitting still for a clear photo. Only the males have the orange crown, which is often not visible. They are dark olive on back and wings, yellow underneath, with faint blurred stripping. Another clue is to look for the dark line through the eye.

Paddle Park - Toledo, Oregon - - -July 12, 2014

Jackson-Frazier Wetland - Corvallis, Oregon - - - April 22, 2011

Reference:Birds of the Willamette Valley Regions by Nehls, Aversa, & Opperman / National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America