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Common Name:Woodpecker, Hairy
Scientific Name:Picoides villosus
Area:Rickreall Creek Trail - Dallas, Oregon
Date:September 11, 2013

At a distance, the Hairy Woodpecker and the Downey Woodpecker may look the same. The big difference is in size, with the Hairy being close in size to an American Robin, and the Downey being close in size to a House Sparrow. The Hairy also has a longer larger bill than the Downey. The top two photos are of a males, photo three is a female, photo four is of male juvenile.

Collier Memorial State Park, Oregon - - - October 3, 2010

Bluebill Lake, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area - - - November 10, 2011

Collier Memorial State Park, Oregon - - - July 1, 2012

Reference:National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America / Western Birds by Farrand